August 19, 2006
One of the highlights

Yes, that’s the one and only MIchael Cooper signing the dash of my new JCW GP. By the way, the microphone in the left of the shot is from a documentary crew camera. I managed also to get a short interview with him that I hope you heard from my Day One report at whiteroofradio. More pics from the adventures over the last two days are in a gallery here.

So far the car is amazing! The GP has exceeded my wildest dreams for what the ultimate MINI, at least the current ultimate MINI, is.

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August 13, 2006
Prepare for updates

Delivery week is finally here. MINI GP delivery week that is. This Thursday we leave for Monterey and will arrive via a plane like the one pictured below.

Updates wil begin on Thursday 8/17 and continue throughout the duration of MINI Takes the States. Full coverage will be available at White Roof Radio and at Motoringfile. Look for audio (podcast) updates in addition to posts with photos and a video here and there.

While on our adventures, the rest of the crew here at will continue to produce and ship the ever popular Motoring Badges and decals so keep the orders coming. We’ll have some new designs shortly after Labor Day so stay tuned.

Until later in the week from the road…

Posted by todd at 10:27 PM