September 03, 2006
Pole Position at Indy

You know what they call this? They call it Poll Position baby, that’s what they call it!

And, by the way, this is me at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on the MINI Takes the States tour stop last week. No, it wasn’t at high speed but that allowed me to savor the event with my friend and co-pilot Gabe. We drove slow enought to take pictures and to enjoy the experience of driving on what can only be described as hallowed racing ground. Being lucky enough to be in the pole position also allowed us to cross the finish line first leading some 200-300 other MINIs. Photos from the event photographer are on the way. I still get chills just thinking about the whole experience. Speaking of experiences, I will try to post my review of the whole MINI Takes the States tour later this week. Luckily the holiday weekend has allowed me some precious moments to catch up from being gone from work for what amounts to two full weeks. I’ll be working very hard this week to make up for lost “work” time but the last two weeks are absolutely priceless in my book. Stay tuned for details.

Posted by todd at 04:30 PM