July 20, 2006
First Mod for my JCW GP

I like the look of the Europlate on the MINI and since Kansas does not require a front plate I’ll be adding this to my GP as soon as I get home. My current MINI has a Europlate (see previous entry) and I really like the look.

On the GP front, the car is built and awaiting transport in Bremerhaven, Germany. Bremerhaven is the second largest auto ship-in and out port in Europe after Rotterdam. In the next two weeks the first handful of GPs will land on US shores and head to Monterey. All I have left to do is finish the paperwork at the dealer and get the insurance policy rolling. Then it’s a matter of waiting until August 18th…

If you’re interested and if you haven’t seen it already, here’s a clip from a German TV review of the GP. I don’t understand German but the sound of the MINI has no language. disclaimer>>Warning, it is a large file - 16MB and takes a few minutes to load. You must also have the latest version of Quicktime to view it. . German GP video

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July 18, 2006
Too hot to work

Since it’s too hot to work outside today - “heat index” of 105 degrees F with ridiculous humidity - I’m inside printing more badges and catching up with orders. So here’s a long overdue post of what’s been going on.

June 10-11 I traveled to St Louis to get some track time in at Gateway Int’l Speedway.

We leave one month from yesterday to travel to Monterey, CA to pick up our new JCW GP and begin the trek home on the first five legs of MINI Takes the States. Luckily I’ve been so busy that my anticipation level has remained in check. It’s starting to get close enough for me to start getting a little crazy. All our hotel reservations are made for our trip including a night in a suite at the Venetian in Vegas - and no I won’t be valet parking the MINI.

During the week of August 18-26 you can follow my travels over at Motoringfile and at whiteroofradio.com. I hope to have the first US review of the JCW GP anywhere. I’ll also have audio and video clips from the adventures so stay tuned for that.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with some recent MINI work I’ve completed. I am up to 285 MINIs completed for your scorecards at home.


Carbon fiber bonnet stripes. I’m not sure what I think of these yet…

New bonnet configuration with vinyl covered scoop included. Not an easy task.

New boot stripe configuration on the same car.

“42” Checkerboard stripe by customer request.

Matching boot, although offset to opposite side - similar to the “37” design from a few months back.

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