March 31, 2007
More Vegas work

I did two of these sunroof covers while in Vegas. Only one example is pictured here because the first car belonging to Michael and Patricia had to leave quickly for a poker run before I got photos. I’ll get photos from MIchael soon.

The logo is cut out so it looks great from the inside and it casts a really cool image as the sun shines through.

Michael and Patricia, or should I say Patricia chose this graphic for the sunroof. While installing it, Donna from Monterey expressed a fondness for it and luckily I brought two copies with me so now there’s a northern California MINI and a mid-California MINI sporting my work. Thanks to both for the opportunity to flex my skills while at AMVIV.

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March 26, 2007
Work from AMVIV 2007

Some of the work I did while in Vegas at AMVIV this year.

By the way, the orange #73 finished first in both races.

More to come later from one other job.

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So that happened...

While in Vegas last week I, along with other White Roof Radio hosts Db and Michael, was on hand at the first race of the NAMCC to provide race coverage for WRR and to call the race for the fans on hand. At the same time MAV tv was taping an early episode of Best of the Best - Bikini All-Stars with the MINI races as a backdrop.

From left to right - Mikey B., Todd and Don sandwiched between two of the models.

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March 05, 2007
Summer wheels are back on the GP

Even though it’s only the first week of March I’m gambling that we’re pretty much done with salt on the streets of KC so I decided to put the GP’s summer wheels back on. It was like the GP came out of hibernation. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - the difference in feel between 17” wheels and 18” wheels on the MINI is incredible. The Dunlop performance tires on the GP are also head and shoulders better than the Goodyear runflats I had on there.

Don’t bother calling ‘cause it’s 68 and sunny. I’m out driving…

Also, check out the new JCW rotors.

They seem to stop equally as good as the stock JCW rotors and I think they look good. Folks can hate ‘em if they want to, I don’t really care. I like them and that’s what counts.

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