February 24, 2006
Tommy Shaw of Styx said it the best...

“I’ve got too much time on my hands.”

Yes ladies and gentlemen, that’s a custom “carbon fiber look” overlay covering my G4 iBook. This is what happens when I’ve got some extra time on a Friday.

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February 20, 2006
Signature series - SOLD - sort of...

SSSold.jpg Back from a winter’s hibernation because I am, after all, part bear I thought it was about time for an update to the old blog. The Signature Series MINI from the previous entry has piqued a lot of interest and a couple of weeks ago someone fell in love with the car. However, the existing creation is on a Cooper and this client wanted a Cooper S so in about six more weeks I’ll be creating the second in the Signature Series line. I’m very excited to be able to continue the series even though this will be basically the same design with a few tweaks here and there. I’ll be sure to post when it’s finished.

There’s a lot more been going on in MINI land. Our Whiteroofradio.com podcast has grown quite a bit lately. We have a world-wide congregation of listeners now exceeding 1,200 per week. Yea, I know it doesn’t sound like much but if it was a church it would be a pretty good sized one. We’re not talking mega-church here but, well, you get the point. We’re taking the show on the road to Vegas in March for the third annual A MINI Vacation in Vegas. We’ll be podcasting from various events/gatherings there and we’ve been asked to emcee the AMVIV banquet on Saturday night at the Palace Station. That should be fun.

Finally, here’s a quick look at a new product I recently finished:

It’s a factory set of driving light covers with Union Jack and white lettering embellishments. If anyone’s interested in having this done to their light caps, you can send them to me and for $35 plus $4 return postage I’ll be glad to fix you up. Drop me an e-mail if you’re interested.

I passed the 200 MINI mark a little more than a month ago so MINI graphics are still coming on strong even in the winter months. Look for some pics of the more interesting MINIs in the days ahead. I promise I won’t make you wait another month and a half!

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