November 29, 2005
St. George's flag in black

Here’s another new one… St. George’s flag, or properly, the flag of England but on a black background in this case.

click on the pic for a better view

So I’m up to 176 MINIs completed as of Nov. 29. If you recall back to Dec. 30 of last year I was at 59 MINIs completed. Doing the math tells me that I’ve been averaging more than 10 MINIs a month since then. Not bad for something I probably never would have gotten into if I hadn’t bought a MINI in March of 2003.

Happy motoring!

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November 22, 2005
Wisconsin Fan MINI and "The Fangs"

I just completed the installation of a logo on a Wisconsin Fan’s MINI. Definitely a first.

And finally I give you the new “Fangs” style bonnet stripes.

Don’t you think they look like fangs down on the bumper?

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November 16, 2005
Near iPod tragedy

The other day I looked down to grab my iPod out of the MINI and saw the following:

At first glance I thought, “Aw crap! there’s a crack in my iPod screen…” but upon further inspection my 4G Shield had done it’s job taking the proverbial bullet for my trusty iPod.

I thought about getting another case but I’m keeping this one, scar and all, as a reminder to be more careful.

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November 02, 2005
New MINI designs

As promised, here’s a look at some of the more unique MINIs I’ve recently completed…

That’s all for now. I’ll try to keep up with posting my MINI related work but I’m now booked solid until the second week of March, 2006! That’s right, a fleet of U-Haul trucks is on my schedule for the next four to five months but of course, I’ll still be cranking out 5-10 MINIs a month, God willing!


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