May 30, 2005
Counterfeit MINI spotted

I spotted this counterfeit MINI on the streets of KC a couple of weeks ago.

Sad, yes.

Check out Counterfiet MINI for more of the same.

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MINI Gas Pump Ads

I spent most of last week in the twin cities. Sadly we didn’t travel in the MINI but the MINI probably would not have held the load of stuff we scored at IKEA. Man that place was big! Needless to say we had never set foot in an IKEA store before and even though there’s nothing earth shattering about the products at IKEA, there’s nothing like that first experience in one of those big blue and yellow buildings.

Anyway, while filling up at a gas station in Minneapolis we spied the following MINI adverts above the gas pumps. I know DB posted one of these adverts from a gas pump on the left coast but I had yet to see any in the midwest.

So here they are:

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May 10, 2005
Cooper S supercharger pulley iPod holder

Now this is truly one for the books of MINI/car geekdom. As you previously read, I got a new supercharger pulley installed on my MINI a few weeks ago. Well, when you get a new pulley, one is left wondering what to do with the old pulley. The options are endless. You could use it to weight down a lobster trap (it’s kinda heavy). Or you could use it to cut noodles out of sheets of pasta (it’s round and it has grooves). Or you could have it chromed and turn it into the most wicked cool iPod holder ever.

With the help of a piece of 3/4” chrome plated brass tube (I visited my dad’s shop today and he has parts to build just about anything laying around) and a Belkin iPod holder for parts * GRIN * I present to you my Chromed Cooper S Supercharger Pulley iPod Stand. CCSSPIS for short.


Pretty freakin’ cool if I do say so myself. And by the way, it fits perfectly in the MINIs front cupholder - I’ll post pictures shortly.

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Drum roll please...

MINI number 100.

You knew it was bound to happen. I finally applied graphics to my 100th MINI. At least it was something other than bonnet stripes. Not that I don’t love bonnet stripes, I do, but this one was too cool and a first for me. Here’s another shot.

I think Frank was happy with his new sunroof. I was very pleased. Now I’m off to hit the second century mark. Let’s see if I can get there by the end of 2005.

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May 03, 2005
Still here and very busy

I present to you some interesting MINIs I’ve done lately…

A checkerboard sunroof cover on a Chili Red MINI.

An Electric Blue Union Jack on a Cooper S.

I’ve got a couple more photos to upload yet and the big news is that the next MINI will be number 100! It seems that the steam roller is rolling right along. Last year I was averaging five MINIs a month and in the first four months of 2005, I’m averaging 10 MINIs per month. And to think I’m not even targeting a nationwide audience. I’m only putting graphics on MINIs in Kansas City.

Two years ago I never thought the enthusiasm would last this long and that I’d be making half my living off of MINIs. I’m very happy to be doing so and hoping it will last another two years.

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