February 28, 2005
February MINI fun


This past Friday, I had the pleasure of adding boot stripes to another MINI. Terry's going to Vegas next week for the MINI Vacation in Vegas national get together and wanted some additional dress-up before he left so I obliged with some standard Cooper S boot stripes.

Then on Saturday, we had a chilly February KCME meet and drive to Lawrence for lunch. The drive took us around Olathe Lake which gave us 1.2 miles of nothing but curvy roads. Kind of like a MINI playground, if you will. We then stopped at Kill Creek Park for photos - see below.


Only eight MINIs showed up but that's not bad for a 40 degree Feb. morning. I'm sure once the weather warms up we'll be seeing larger MINI gatherings in KC but it was nice to get back in the swing of things.

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February 11, 2005
Sweet MINIs

Here's some metallic silver, Viper-like stripes I just finished on a showroom MINI Cooper.

When this Cooper grows up, it wants to be an "S" like mine. This was the first Union Jack roof flag over a sunroof that I've done since I did my MINI. It's the most time consuming MINI job I've done. I did the bonnet stripes too.

More to come.

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February 09, 2005


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February 08, 2005
MINI photo update

I've done quite a few sets of MINI graphics that I haven't documented here so I thought I'd post a few of the recent ones as an update.

I put on some black bonnet stripes with the John Cooper signature in red for a MINI club member. It was my first one of those and I like the way it turned out. The pictures are less than stellar because I forgot my digital camera and took the pics with my "Hello-Moto" camera phone.

Close-up of the signature.

Another checkerboard over a sunroof on the first automatic Cooper S I've seen. I hear the auto MCS is pretty fun to drive with the paddle shifters on the steering wheel. Can't wait to take one for a spin soon.

Here's the first Hyper Blue MINI I've worked on. This will be the color of my next MINI.

Boot stripes on the same car. I really love the blue and white combo.

Also last week I discovered a leaky coolant overflow tank when someone asked to see the engine. For one, it astounds me that folks still ask to see the engine. I've owned close to 15 different cars in my life and the MINI is the first car that people ask to see under the bonnet on a regular basis. Two, I was half expecting the coolant tank to give out since I've read about '02 and '03 MINIs having issues with developing leaks. No worries, though. Brad and the MINI techs at Baron changed it out in a flash for me and it was all covered under warranty. So far, it's the only item to fail or break on my MINI - touch wood.

Finally I leave you with a better view of my clean MINI with it's new shoes shining away. Oh yeah, and you'll notice that the factory style bonnet stripes are back. I just couldn't get used to the big stripes down the center. I guess I'd been looking at my car for so long with the factory stripes, I really didn't recognize it without them. I'm still getting used to the new wheels. I always have that ignisecond where I say to myself, "Who's cool car is that?" and then - Oh! It's mine. Sweet!

Ain't she a beaut!

I know it probably goes without saying, but you can click any of the pics for larger views.

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