November 30, 2004
46, 47...

Union Jack mirror covers and white MINI lettering on the rally light covers on MINI number 46 for me. You can see my MINI's freshly UJ'd mirror covers in the background. I had to work up the template on my own car first. I don't think I'll be keeping them though. With the UJ on the roof, I think the mirror caps are a bit over the top.

Here's MINI number 47 for me. I have to say that checkerboards have been flying off my shelves this year like turkeys on the day before thanksgiving. I've done at least six checker tops in the last five months. Don't get me wrong, I love the checkerboard tops but I'm waiting to do my first biohazard symbol or something really outrageous.

As far as getting to my goal of 50 MINIs by year's end, I have at least one set of boot stripes scheduled and another custom side stripe job to do if that customer's MINI gets here from England before the end of the year. So the countdown continues. I need one or maybe two other MINIs to do and I'll hit the magic five-0.

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November 15, 2004
50 MINIs by Jan. 1?

Here's MINI number 44 and 45 for me. I know, bonnet stripes aren't very exciting but they pay the bills just the same.

I hope to complete work on MINI number 50 by the end of the year. My work, so far, is in a gallery here. (Sadly, two of the out of state MINIs are not pictured. You'll just have to take my word for it. They do exist.)

I couldn't have done it without the help of the fine folks at Baron MINI so a public thanks to Liz, Jackie, Gabe and Lisa. You guys are great!

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November 11, 2004
There is something seriously wrong

Excuse me while I take a break from my regular topics of all things MINI, Apple and technology.

Today is Veteran's Day in the USA. It's a day we stop the mail, close the banks and honor the brave men and women who have risked their lives to fight in wars and take a stand for freedom. Which is why the following tale strikes me as ironic, sad and downright anger inducing.

The ABC television network has a deal with Steven Spielberg to run an unedited version of the Academy Award winning film "Saving Private Ryan" on Veteran's Day. However, many ABC affiliates, including my hometown affiliate KMBC in Kansas City, have chosen not to air the film tonight because the film contains graphic violence and foul language. Because of recent FCC shakedowns, er, I mean crackdowns, namely fines and sanctions levied on CBS because of Janet Jackson's little wardrobe malfunction during the Superbowl, affiliates are fearing fines and sanctions could be levied on them from the broadcast of this film. The full story is linked here but here's a quote from the news story:

"Steven Spielberg's Oscar-winning movie aired on ABC with relatively little controversy in 2001 and 2002, but station owners - including several in large markets - are unnerved that airing it Thursday could bring federal punishment. The film includes a violent depiction of the D-Day invasion and profanity."

You can see the irony here. To protect potential bottom lines, some ABC affiliates are failing to take a stand against our US government, namely the FCC, and are choosing not to air a film that depicts how Americans took a stand for something in WW II.

I am ashamed of my local ABC station and it's parent company Hearst-Argyle Television for failing to take a stand against an out of control and out of touch FCC.

Since the FCC has stated that they don't monitor television broadcasts but only respond to complaints, maybe I should be ashamed of the overly moralistic folk who insist on complaing because they can't handle seeing a depiction of brave men who occasionally drop the F-bomb while being fired upon by angry German soldiers.

By the way, KMBC is instead airing the 1992 Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman film "Far and Away". The wife remarked that it's like being told by your teachers that Dickens is too rough a read so we're given Danielle Steele instead.

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November 09, 2004
A pictorial review

Here's a MINI pictorial review of what I've been up to the last few weeks.

A couple of weeks ago I painted my intercooler cover on my MINI.

Then I was busy applying Pepper White body color checks to a new MINI.

Then, a friend from Fayetteville, AR brought his new MINI over to get boot stripes.

Finally, three sets of bonnet stripes finished out my week last week.
BRG bonnet.jpg

That's all for now.

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