September 20, 2004
KC Apple store

Good news - I learned today that the Apple store on the Country Club Plaza will open this Saturday at 9 AM.

Yes, I will be there.

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Latest MINI work

Here's a few pics of my latest MINI work. The folks up at Baron MINI have been keeping me pretty busy and I appreciate that. I'm staying pretty busy with other sign work too but the MINI stuff is some of my favorite work.

Here's some silver double stripes on a dark silver MINI.

And finally, another checkerboard.

The MC40 with the Union Jack was my 33rd MINI. I'm hoping to hit 50 by year's end.

You can click the images for larger views if you're so inclined.

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September 14, 2004
It's like Christmas!

I'm like a kid at Christmas this week because I've managed to acquire two new pieces of technology that are currently rocking my world.

First off, this past Friday I stopped by Time Warner Cable and picked up a High Definition DVR.
Now I've been waiting on this thing since it was announced in October last year and was thrilled to finally give it thorough test drive. A few friends experienced the coolness of the HD DVR while watching the Chiefs get beat by Denver here at the ranch this past Sunday night on ESPN-HD. I've had a regular non-HDTV DVR for a year and a half and we've loved this piece of technology as much as any in recent years. So far in four days of use, the HD DVR totally rocks.

In addition to the new TV technology I finally broke down and picked up an Airport Express yesterday.
Unfortunately I couldn't set it up until I went to Radio Shack to get the optical digital to 1/8" mini digital cable because Apple wants $39 and Radio Shack had them for $9 - they should be included but, alas, Apple makes more money by jacking you for another four sawbucks, but I digress. Anyway, the moron at Radio Shack was just positive that the cable I was buying was not going to do what I wanted it to do. I just said, "Shut up and take my money." Ten minutes later (Radio Shack is really close) I was streaming my tunes wirelessly from my iBook to my digital receiver all while surfing the web on the same three year old 500 MHz iBook with absolutely no skips in the audio streaming.

Take that you 3 GHz loving PeeCee weenies. My three year old slow as molasses iBook is still performing like a champ with the latest technology. Let the smack talking commence...

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September 11, 2004
Whacked out football scores

K-State 21
Fresno State 45

Kansas 63
Toledo 14

Since I didn't get the chance to see either of these games today, one can understand why, when seeing the final scores of these two games this evening I thought they both must wrong. While I have no delusions of KU being a football powerhouse - it was, afterall, only Toledo - seeing that K-State got spanked by Fresno State made the grin on my face a bit larger.

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September 03, 2004
Chiefs Fan MINI

A special installation on a fellow Chiefs fan's MINI Cooper S.


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September 02, 2004
Microsoft has to be joking

From a simple marketing standpoint, would you rather buy online music from a store that looks like this:

or this:

I know MSN's store is just a Beta but this is the music business. It's all about marketing. MSN's site is like the generic brand music store which I'm sure might appeal to some but surely not tech savvy people willing to lay down their hard earned scratch for the latest Cake album. Sure Microsoft has the advantage of a captive audience of, I don't know, a billion or so Windows drones but I mean captive like they've got you by the short hairs and they're not even trying anymore. When I first heard that Microsoft was launcing a music store to compete with iTunes I was a little worried but the recent statistics show that the iTunes Music Store show no signs of slowing down. The iTunes store recently announced it's 125,000,000th song sold. So by extrapolating, iTunes started out by selling 25 million songs every 231 days, then every 91 days, then 73, 62 and the latest count - 25 million in 52 days. Either iTunes is gaining in popularity or Apple has figured out how to speed up the whole space-time continuum thing.

The MSN music store will surely take a bite out of the online music sales pie, but I'm not as worried as I once was.

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September 01, 2004
14 and counting

Today, Sept. 1st is my 14th wedding anniversary. Due to work circumstances beyond our control, this will be the first time in fourteen years that I have not awakened next to my lovely wife on our anniversary.

Maybe if I stay up all night I can keep the perfect record going because if I can make it, I won't actually wake up on our anniversary this year. I hear some coffee calling my name.

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I'm sure if you're a Mac person at all you've already heard about the new iMac announced today (Tuesday) in Paris. I'm little slow because it's been a busy day. Anyway I must say that as sexy as it looks online, it has to be sexier in person. I felt the same way about the iPod when it first came out. I thought it looked pretty cool but when I finally got to see, touch and use one in person, I was sunk. I don't even need to see the new iMac in person, I'll head straight to the Blood/Plasma bank immediately in order to sell whatever I can to start saving for one of these puppies.

Do I a new iMac? No, but when has "need" ever stopped the freight train of consumerism - especially when new Mac gear is involved.

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