December 31, 2003

clean.jpgIn between snow storms I took the opportunity to wash the MINI on a 43 degree day we had last week. Nothing screams obsession, er, I mean enthusiasm like a clean car in the middle of winter. There was a slight mishap, though. In a fit of overzealousness I got the power washer a little too close to one of my boot stripes and blew a little hunk of vinyl off. I should know better. Good thing I know somebody in the vinyl business! Anyway, the boot is naked for now.nakedboot.jpg

I'll be installing some new stripes soon as long as the weather holds. If the weather folk are correct, and when is that ever the case, it's supposed to be near 60 on Friday so I see a bath and new boot stripes in the MINI's future. Stay tuned for pics and in the mean time, Happy New Year!


Here's hoping the weather doesn't look like this again any time soon. Brrrrrrrrr...

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December 27, 2003

While I was doing some last minute shopping at Target two days before Christmas, I overhard the following conversation between a mother and her young daughter.

Daughter "Mom, you should buy that golf bag for daddy."

Mother "No, I'm not buying that for your father."

Daughter (now whining) "You don't care about Daddy!"

Mother (sarcastically) "I care about your father but I already bought him a Christmas gift. Maybe his new wife can buy him that bag!"

Sad, but it still makes me chuckle.

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December 03, 2003
Fo' Shizzle

In an ongoing theme of "it doesn't take much to amuse me", head over to the Snoop Dogg Shizzilator, enter a URL of your choice (go ahead, enter my blog address) and laugh your azzizle off. Word, yo.

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1st Snow and the 37 Bong

I woke up to the year's first dose of nasty weather this morning. Nearly an inch of wet, slushy snow fell on KC overnight. As fortune would have it, the MINI was burried two cars deep and tucked safely in the garage.
Not that I don't want to drive the MINI in winter weather, it was just too much of a hassle to shuffle the cars around just to see how well the MINI handled the slippery streets.

One thing I did discover last week was that the MINI comes with a 37 courtesy "bong". So when the weather starts to look like this...
The MINI's on board computer alerts the driver with a flashing temperature reading and a courtesy bong or beeping sound. The first time I experienced the bong I thought things had gone haywire, but after a little research online I learned that it was really a feature. When the outside temps drop below 37 F, the MINI OBC warns you that the streets may be icy. Pretty cool but it doesn't take much to amuse me.


Thanks to the greatest coffee maker in the world, the sting of the cold was softened by this frothy cup of goodness waiting for me inside.

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