November 24, 2003
I hate it when...

When you shake the milk carton and hear lumps, it's time to go to the store...

Posted by todd at 11:14 AM
November 13, 2003


I've been busy working lately. Two different MINIs - a checkerboard top added to a black MINI and a Swiss flag added to a Chile Red MINI. I've got three more MINIs in line for various graphics mods.

I also threw a Union Jack on the 'ol iBook for grins!

Posted by todd at 11:48 AM
November 04, 2003
Halloween 2003


I'm a couple of days late posting these, but hey, that must mean I've been busy and that's a good thing 'cause Christmas is coming and Daddy's checking account is getting thin. Speaking of Christmas, Halloween marked what we hope to be an annual party and viewing of Tim Burton's film The Nightmare Before Christmas. MINI checks.jpgI can't believe how many people have never seen this film. It a classic for cryin' out Pete's sake! At least it is in our house. Ranks right up there with It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown which we also watched. The wife and I carved variations of Nightmare's Ooogie Boogie into our pumpkins. Many came in costume and the highlights can be seen here Halloween 2003.

The MINI even put on a costume of checker board bonnet stripes!

Posted by todd at 03:35 PM