May 23, 2004
L.A. on sextuple mochas - 2X

sextuple2X.jpgI've been back from L.A. for about a day now and the pysical effects of my "vacation" are starting to wear off. Let me explain. I went to Los Angeles to visit one of my best friends in the world. We only get to see each other a couple of times a year so in my three and a half days' visit we sought to squeeze all we could out of our time. We did this by sleeping as little as possible. On Friday in an attempt to counteract the effects of too little sleep we went to the neighborhood Starbucks to order sextuple mochas. When Brent ordered a Venti-sextuple mocha the barista's eyes became the size of saucers and there was silence, a beat in time and the response, "You mean six shots?" Brent nodded and I said, "Make that two". You can clearly see the 6 in the "shots" box of the cup and at the bottom the 2X as in hit me two times. You can also observe the barista's inability to spell the name Brent. The irony here is that moments before we entered this specific coffee shop, Brent told me that he didn't go to this 'Bucks very often because he was annoyed at thier inability to spell his name correctly. The last time he was there he said Brent they said okay and proceeded to write down Rich.

The six shot mocha was delicious and got me through the day and well into the next. We visited so many different restaurants, bars and coffee houses in three days I lost count. Our evenings of bar hopping were not so much a quest for alcohol but a quest for atmosphere, music and to basically be on the scene. We did have a few drinks as we went along but the fruit of our time was the conversation. I am grateful for my time away and I am also grateful to be back in the Central Time Zone. Sleep is a good thing.

Pictures of the adventure are now available here. And no, we didn't go into the strip bar pictured. I just took the photo because of the Courtney Love cultural reference which I wouldn't even have known without my tour guide who is a virtual wasteland of entertainment trivia. Thanks Brent.

Posted by todd at May 23, 2004 11:28 PM

Your pics are makin’ me homesick! (Good thing I’ll be back at the end of June.)

I once got food poisoning at Mel’s Diner. Blech!

Others may remember the Sevent Veil from Mtley Crue’s “Girls Girls Girls.” Rock.


Posted by: timsamoff on May 24, 2004 08:12 AM

Hey Man! Thanks for thinking of me in the pictorial! That still lives to be one of the best trips I’ve taken with a friend…


Posted by: Dre' on May 31, 2004 08:40 AM
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