May 21, 2004
Where are all the MINIs?

Coming to L.A. I expected to see a lot of MINIs on the roads. From my observations in two days that hasn't been the case. I've only seen two MINIs in all our travels from Silver Lake to Santa Monica, both of them were in Beverly Hills. My original plans were to meet up with a couple of SCMM club members and fellow bloggers while I was here. I had hoped to be able to hook up with them last night but we made last minute plans to go to San Diego to meet a friend and a client of mine. I was all primed to head off toward OC and she calls to cancel so we didn't end up meeting her or the MINI guys. Oh well.

We're off to get coffee and batteries for my camera so I can finally post some pics from sunny southern California. I'll try to get at least one MINI photo so I don't lose my theme here. Stay tuned for an afternoon update.

Posted by todd at May 21, 2004 12:24 PM
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