May 13, 2004
Boot stripes for everyone!


Boot stripes seem to be quite popular lately. The Baron MINI sales manager called me last week and said he'd like to dress up a showroom car with a few extras. Let's just say that the few extras like my Union Jack boot stripes weren't much compared to the $7,000 Pioneer audio system the dealer had installed on spec.


The Electric Blue car belongs to a friend in the KC MINI club. While at the track a couple of weeks ago Jeff told me he was ready for some boot stripes. I'm sure it was because he spent most of his day behind me looking at my boot stripes. I told him it was in fact the boot stripes that make you faster.

You know me, I don't sell the steak, I sell the sizzle!

Posted by todd at May 13, 2004 09:31 PM
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